Thursday, 15 January 2009

home on R&R

Well ok I came home to mainly see my girlfriend which is now my fiance.  When i got off the plane in charlotte, NC i was very nervous because my fiance brandy was picking me up from there.  But Ifinally got there and was able to hold her in my arms and when i first held her it was like a time stood still and nothing else matterd  when i held her.  Then we left the airport and went to her house and well lets just say im not a virgin ne more (hehe).  Then after staying at her house for the night we continued our trip here (Statesville, NC).  Since i have been here its been like heaven spending time with the people i love the most my family and fiance.  Brandy and I have also had our fights since ive been home and at 1 time i thought i was going to lose her forever but we fixed what was broken and now i have to say i am the happiest man in the world.  The worst part of all this is knowing that i have to leave to go back to Iraq next wednesday and knowing that im going to miss her so much but being with Brandy this little short period of time has made me realize that i love her more than anything in the world and its also givin me the chance to get to know her alot more than i did.  But as far as the wedding goes we are not getting married till around march of next year so that gives me even more time to get to know her.  But I guess thats all for now and ill write in here again when i arrive back to Iraq