Friday, 26 December 2008

the first hundred days of iraq

Ok so to begin this blog i want to tell you a little about my military career leading up to and also the first 100 days of my first deployment.  Ok i enlisted in the us army when i was 18 and left for basic training at Ft. Sill, OK. I conducted 9 weeks of BCT (basic combat training) while at Ft. Sill and after i graduated from there i moved on to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) for my job as a 13D which is field artillery automated tactical data system specialist which is FDC (Fire Direction Center) and for those of you who dont understand what that is i pretty much tell the howitzer guys where to point the guns and make them go boom lol.  But then i graduated from there and moved on to my first duty station (Ft. Wainwright, AK) which i had tons of fun met lots of great people and had tons of fun.  I met some good friends at a fairbanks ice dogs game Melissa Sepalak, her son Tayllor Geil which is a fricken AWESOME kid with lots of great potential as a professional hockey player, and also met Christe Ferguson.  They soon became some really good and close friends.  Then slowly started counting down the days to my first deployment.  Then on september 24, 2008 i deployed to iraq.  Which I am currently at right now on FOB Warhorse which is right by Baqubah, Iraq.  I started out here as a RTO (Radio Transmission Operator).  i was doing that for about a month and i started getting really stressed out and couldnt handle that so i got moved to the mayor cell wood shop.  I met a couple of good people sgt. Sheble, arthur and SPC. Boyce, Doug.  I have learned alot more about contracting from SGT. Sheble and i have learned alot about making signs from Spc. Boyce and im getting pretty good at it.  I have to say i am learning alot more stuff working here in the wood shop that i can use on the outside world.  Which is a good thing.  But as of Christmas eve i have been in Iraq for 100 days and they say that the first 100 days are the hardest...and i have to agree that they were hard and now that the 100 days have past i hope it gets alot easier

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